10 reasons why I love WordPress

why i love wordpress

WordPress is awesome! And there are a ton of reasons why WordPress is a quality platform for building websites.

Being the world’s most popular CMS, it powers over 34% of all the websites on the web. Using WordPress, we can build personal blogs, business websites, e-commerce websites, news websites and many more.

Below are the top 10 reasons why I (and you will) love WordPress.


1. Because it’s free

The number one reason why I and many others opt for WordPress is because anyone can download, install and use it for free! No strings attached. No monthly subscriptions, no credit cards.


2. WordPress is ready-to-use after installation

There is no hassle with WordPress. After the installation is done, I can immediately start using it. I can publish my blog post, build my landing page, or create my photo gallery.


3. WordPress is Open-Source

Because WordPress is Opensource. it provides its users with the scope to improve or modify the source code according to their needs.


4. WordPress is versatile

I can use WordPress for my personal blog or for commercial purposes, WordPress is adaptable in all situations


5. WordPress gives me control & ownership

Once I download and install WordPress, I own the space, the url, the software and the content is all mine! I have 100% control and ownership of the content.


6. WordPress is SEO-Friendly

By default WP offers an enormous advantage in SEO-friendliness, especially with its permalink (URL) structure. In addition, available plugins such as Yoast SEO allows for further refinement of my content, meta descriptions, and overall search engine optimization strategy.


7. WordPress is secure

With a large volunteer development team, backed by large companies I can rest assured that many people have eyes on the WordPress codebase and any bugs get fixed quickly.


8. WordPress has amazing Support

Because so many web developers use WordPress, the support system is massive. There are forums, blogs, and websites dedicated to its use in helping the users experience be the best it possibly can be.


9. Lots of Themes to pick from

What makes WP popular is that there are tons of free and premium themes I can pick from for my site.


10. WordPress is Scalable

With a large repository of free and premium plugins, I can extend WordPress functionality – to build powerful portals like directories, eCommerce sites etc.


And before I forget, I love the the spirit of WordPress community – the forums, the meetups and the WordCamps. It feels great being a member of such a lovely global family


Do you love WordPress? Let me know why in the comment section.



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