20 Top Kenyan websites built with WordPress

kenyan websites built with wordpress

One of the reasons why I love WordPress is that it’s versatile. You can use WordPress to build any kind of website you desire – from a personal blog, business website to an e-commerce website.

Powering over 34% of all the websites on the web, it’s no surprise that WordPress has been adopted as the platform of choice in different industries.

Globally, WordPress powers big brands and portals like The Whitehouse, BBC America, TechCrunch, The Next Web, Beyonce, among others.

In Kenya too, WordPress powers most of the websites I have come across. I have made a list of some the top websites in Kenya built using WordPress. The list ranges from Government, education, banking, hotel, insurance, news and media, real estate and law firm websites.

Take a look

Government Websites

1. The Presidency

The Kenya Presidency Website Screenshot

The Presidency is the Kenyan Government’s portal that outlines the Big Four Agenda and other flagship programmes. Powered by WordPress, the site is simple, beautiful and clean, and easily navigable.


2. The Judiciary

the judiciary kenya website screenshot

The Judiciary website is built with the Minamaze free WordPress theme by Think Up Themes.


News & Media

3. Citizen TV

Citizen TV Kenya digital news portal

Citizen Digital is an online news portal by Citizen TV, a member of Royal Media Services in Kenya.


4. K24 TV

K24 TV Kenya website screenshot

K24 TV, a member of Mediamaxx recently rebranded and part of it’s rebranding was their website. Powered by WordPress and built upon HTML5Blank, the look and feel of this new website is without doubt appetizing.



5. Ghafla!

Ghafla! Kenya website screenshot

Ghafla! is a celebrity gossip site initially built with Joomla! but was rebuillt with WordPress after a failed acquisition by Ringier.


6. Biko Zulu

Bikozulu website screenshot

Biko Zulu is a creative blog by Jackson Biko (Biko Zulu), a renowned Kenyan writer, blogger and columnist. And a multiple award-winning blogger deserves the best blogging platform – WordPress.


School Websites

7. Rockfield Junior School

Rockfield Junior School Kenya website screenshot

Rockfield is a private Junior school in Nairobi. Their website too is built with WordPress.


8. Makini Schools

Makini School website screebshot

The great Makini School’s website is also powered by WordPress.


University Websites


JKUAT website screenshot

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology (JKUAT) is one of the top universities in Kenya. Their website is also powered by WordPress.


10. Strathmore University

Strathmore University Kenya website screenshot

Strahmore University’s website is built using the Michigan WordPress theme. There’s so much to write about this particular site but for now just go check it out.


Hotel Websites

11. Hemmingways Hotel, Nairobi

Hemmingways Nairobi website screenshot

Hemmingways Collection’s website is one of those hotel sites you will love. At first glance, I never imagined the site was built with WordPress. The dev team did an amazing work here.


12. Ole Sereni

Ole Sereni website screenshot

The website of Ole Sereni, a leading hotel in Nairobi is powered by WordPress


Real Estate Websites

13. Villa Care Kenya

Villa Care Kenya website screenshot

Villa Care, a leading real estate and property management company in Kenya boasts of a great portfolio of property,managed by a WordPress-powered website.


14. Media Minds Ltd

Media Minds real estate company website screenshot

Media Minds is a real estate company in the coastal region. The website was built using WP Residence WordPress theme.


Bank Websites

15. Family Bank

Family Bank Kenya website screenshot

Family Bank’s website is based on Underscores_ WordPress starter theme by Automattic


16. DTB Bank

DTB Bank Kenya website screenshot

DTB Bank’s website is coded from a Blank WordPress starter theme by Lifehacker. The site is beautiful and robust.


Insurance Company Websites

17. CIC Insurance

CIC Insurance Kenya website screenshot

CIC Insurance company website is built with WordPress using Basel Theme


18. Jubilee Insurance

Jubilee Insurance Kenya website Screenshot

If you are still doubting the power of WordPress up to now, check out Jubilee Insurance’s company website.


Law Firm Websites

19. MMC Africa

MMC Africa law firm website screenshot

Top lawyers, powerful site, awesome platform. Built using TM Lawyers theme. Check out MMC Africa’s website.


20. Kaplan & Stratton Advocates

Kaplan & Stratton Advocates Law firm website screenshot

Kaplan & Stratton Advocates closes our list today. The site is also built using TM Lawyers WordPress theme.



Unless it’s really necessary, or you’re carrying out a huuuge project, I recommend you go with WordPress. Yes, I’m that biased.

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