7 Awesome Reasons You Should Start a Blog

Should you start a blog? Ever thought about how much you can accomplish with a blog? If you are like me you probably have had this idea for some time now. But what’s keeping you from getting started?

In this article, I share 7 good reason you should start your personal or business blog:


1. Educate & Inspire others

With a blog, you can help people learn new stuff. Your content can also inspire others to believe in themselves or do something they were afraid to do. The tips you share can even improve someone’s productivity.

Now that you found yourself here, am sure you have learnt a thing or two, right?


 2. Build a brand

With consistency, a blog can help you build a brand for yourself or your business. When you write about a particular niche/ subject, you become an authority in that area and the go-to person.


3. Share your experiences

You can use your blog to document your progress while doing something new. Whether you are travelling, attending an event or building a house, your readers will love to learn how the experience was.


4. You can get a job

Companies are on the lookout for Social Media & Content Managers and Creators. If your blog is well written it can be the single reason you get that job.


5. Learn new skills

Blogging can help you learn new skills, including writing. The process will help you learn digital marketing skills like SEO, Email Marketing & Social Media Marketing.


6. Grow your business

By writing helpful content, your readers get informed about your business or learn how to solve a specific problem. This in turn influences conversion. Also good content has the ability to drive traffic to your website through SEO.


7. Make Money

Unless you want to blog for fun, you can make money from your blog. With the right niche and content, you can monetize your blog through advertising, sponsored posts and affiliate commissions.


So, what’s stopping you from starting a blog?

If you are like me, you probably want or have always wanted to start a blog but there are always a number of challenges or excuses stopping you from starting out.

Could it be that you..


i. Lack of time to write?

You want to start a blog but you just don’t have the time to write? I thought so too.

But, wait a minute! We all have 24 hours a day, right? How comes other people are doing it but you can’t find the time? Do you really lack time? Or is it because you haven’t found a compelling reason to write? If so, go through the 7 reasons I have listed above once more.

You do not lack time. You probably are just distracted. Even if you have a 9-5 job, you can still find like 2 hours a day and write.


ii. Don’t know what to write about?

There’s so much you can write about. And I want to share with you some few ideas on what you try.


a) Answering Frequently Asked Questions

You are probably in one or two WhatsApp or Facebook Groups. Or you could be a member in a certain online forum. Thing is, you must have seen a certain question being asked too frequently on the forum.

If you know the answer to such a question, create a blog post giving out a detailed solution/ answer, then share the link on the forum.

b) Write about something you use

From personal effects, clothes, devices like phones, laptops and apps or plugins that you use, write about the experience you have had while using them. It could be how they make you feel or how helpful a tool is to use. Or write about how a certain plugin has simplified your task in accomplishing a specific function on your website/ blog.

c) Interview someone

Everyone loves being interviewed about their story – personal, business, political, career, family etc. Interviewing people is a beautiful way of getting content for your blog. People love stories about people’s experiences, whether success stories or challenges they’ve faced in their journey because it comes with that personal touch.

The beauty of doing interviews on your blog is that your interviewees will be the first people to share that content on their platforms, hence a great way of generating traffic for you. If your interviewee is a celebrity, it can easily make your blog become so popular.

d) Write about something you learnt from reading a book, watching a movie or attending an event

If you just read an insightful book or watched an entertaining movie, why not write about the take home points that touched you or the valuable lesson you learnt from it?

If you attended an event, write about the highlights of that event.

e) How-To Guides

Everyone is good in doing something. You are good in making smoothies? Write a recipe. You are good in fixing computers? Write about how to fix a Hard Disk error. You are good in negotiating for a business deal? Write about your secrets to success.


iii. Feeling inadequate?

Everyone, at some time, has felt they are not good enough in talking about a certain topic, given that there are other people doing better in the same.

Ignore the idea that you have to compare with others, find your own voice and do it your way. Your personal writing style is what will make the difference.

Remember, nobody was born an expert. Even the expert you are comparing yourself with was at one time like you. So start and grow along the way. Make as many mistakes as you can, it’s part of learning.


iv. Don’t know how to write?

Writing doesn’t have to be difficult. Am not even a writer myself. I can’t even call myself a blogger. But you must have noticed, I write as if am talking to someone. The same way I write is the same way I will talk to you when we meet. So I let words flow as if am talking to someone.

It’s not about the jargon. Write in a simple way, your way.

And if you can’t write, record an audio. Do a podcast. Then share your podcast on your blog. Do a video, then share it on your blog. That way, you will get traffic to your blog, and increase the views on your video.


v) Don’t know how to create a blog?

Well, that’s why WordPress is here. With WordPress, you can create a blog in 20 minutes. There are a lot of tutorials on how to start your own blog. Go ahead and watch, listen to or read, it will take you the shortest time.


Over to you!

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