How I became a web designer

how i became a web designer

My passion for web design was ignited back in college when a group of guys from an organization called Biznas gave us a talk on how every company would require a website in 10 years to come. I had fallen in love with coding, especially HTML and CSS. That was the time when Flash websites still rocked the web.

I gave extra attention during web design lessons, and although what we were taught was very basic, the internet helped me grasp a lot of concepts.

After college I became a computer teacher at my former high school. It was a job I really loved. I still love teaching and impacting knowledge (especially digital skills) to others to date. That is one of the reasons I started this blog. To share what I know.

If you help others understand what you understand, then you understand it even better

When I designed my first website in 2008, I was very proud of myself, though the site sucked. But I kept going. The passion I had kept me moving.

In that same year, I left teaching and became a banker; a journey I loved for 5 years. I still designed websites part time for a few clients.

I left banking in 2013 and started different businesses that failed (story for another day).

Then I remembered I could use my skills to make money. And since I was passionate about web design, and I had the basic skills, I set out for a journey of freelancing. I set up my website, designed few websites for my clients for free and created a portfolio. Then I went looking for clients, leveraging on my portfolio for projects.

Well, it’s been 6 years now, and I have designed more than 50 websites ever since, and I have learnt so much along the way.

Ever since, many web design platforms have come up which have simplified the process. One of those platforms is WordPress.

I have used WordPress on most of my projects because it is simple, and works well with my clients, most of whom are startups and medium-sized businesses.

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