How to Submit Your Content to Your Web Designer

One of the most crucial tasks when working with your web designer is to submit content required for your website project in an organized manner.

Website content can be in form of text, images, infographics, videos, e-books, reports, etc, and it is important to let your designer know what content you want to go to which page.

Below is a short 4-step guide to help you send organized content to your web designer.


1. Create your website outline

Create a brief outline of your website showing the pages and sub-pages (hierarchy). See my sample menu outline below.

      • Home
      • Services
        • Web Design
        • Digital Marketing
        • Training
      • About
      • ISR
      • Blog
      • Contact


2. Create content for each page

Make sure you create content for each page separately as opposed to stuffing them on one page. For example, create a page called Homepage.docx and create all the content that you want to go on the homepage of your website. Do the same for the About page, Contact page etc.


3. Organize your images and other files

When submitting images, don’t just embed them in the Word document. This will compromise the quality and size of the images.

Rather, organize the images in sub-folders such as Homepage Images sub-dolder. Ensure you name the images appropriately, such as about_header.jpg, as opposed to img001.jpg.


4. Submit the content

Once you have all the content with you, put all of them in one folder and compress (zip) it. Upload the zipped folder to Google Drive or Dropbox, then share the link with your web designer. For large video files, create a YouTube or Vimeo channel and upload them there. Then send the video URLs via email.

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